Sunday, January 11, 2009

Stash Down 2009

OK, I blew it. I did not finish those two sweaters by the end of the week. I'll be lucky if I finish seaming up the Central Park Hoodie tonight. That's OK though. I was happily distracted by new library books, lace swatches, and an Amazon order that came yesterday. More on that later (and some book reviews to come!).

What I have also been doing is mulling over the state of my stash and how I'm going to get rid of all my current yarn by the end of the year. This does not mean that I cannot acquire more yarn this year, nor does it mean that I can only knit from my stash. It just means that I want to clear out the old stuff before it sits around for too long.

According to my Rav stash list, I have about 23,000 yards of yarn. I know! That's a lot. Not a ton by some standards, but much more than I need to have sitting around, that's for sure. If I want to get rid of it all by the end of the year, that means I need to knit up an average of 450 yards a week for the rest of the year.

Hmmm...not too bad, but assuming I also want to have a life, that might be a bit difficult. But we'll see. I'm going to try to keep track of how much yarn I have on a week-to-week basis. If I can figure out an easy way to put that on my sidebar, I'll stick something up there.

I'm looking forward to finishing up those two sweaters because I haven't taken the yarn off the stash list and that will knock a chunk off! :)


Jacey said...

I don't think I want to know how many YARDS I have, but I think it's a great goal, and I have the same feeling about stash. I don't want to make myself crazy about not buying yarn, but there's a reason why we bought the stuff we already have, right? Good luck!

Ariel said...

Good for you for knitting from your stash! Is that a whole lot of Ultra Alpaca I spy in the bottom picture? I have a ridiculous amount of that myself.

Hilary said...

Wow -- that is a lot of stash yarn to knit up in one year! At least it looks like you've got some nice stuff in there. If I tried to fully stashbust (which I've thought about several times), that would mean 1000 yards of Red Heart acrylic would have to get turned into something *shudder*.

leann said...

I'm in the same boat as you! I've amassed an amazing amount of yarn, though no clue how many yards. I'm trying to knit down as much as I can, but I still want to be able to purchase more, because I'm really a sweater knitter and I don't have enough of anything to make a sweater - mostly scraps from previous projects.