Wednesday, January 14, 2009

In Which I Attempt to Solve one of Modern Life's Biggest Mysteries

The mystery is: Why do people leave voicemail messages on the phones of people who are obviously not the intended recipient?

A few days ago I finally changed my cell phone number to a local one, despite having lived in San Diego for six months. I just never bothered to do it before, for various reasons. But ever since my number changed, I have become more popular than ever! I have gotten calls from Sacramento, Seattle, New Hampshire and Wilmington, Delaware, to name a few. And because these callers leave me voicemail messages when it would seem obvious that the voicemail box does not belong to their friend/family member/colleague, I thought I would perform a public service and distribute these messages, just in case these people read my blog.

If someone put in a service request at (name and beginning of case number cut off in computerized message), and your claim number ends in -578X, please call your contact at the company.

Tina, please call Dr. B. at the New Day Clinic about a "personal matter".

Angelika, I think your mother is looking for you. I'm not sure, because she doesn't speak English and she just kept asking for you over and over.

"Hey, Man", you got a call from "It's Me". He wants to know if you're still down for this weekend.

I think that's it. If I get any more, I'll let you know.

* * * * *

No knitting news to speak of, HOWEVER, you stash-down doubters will be delighted to find out that although I did complete the Central Park Hoodie and took the 1485 yards off my total, I came across a 1650 yard hank of laceweight that had never been entered. The universe is a big one for balance, isn't it?


Yarndude said...

Haha, you hadn't entered that laceweight? Sucker!

Also, yes, I am still down for this weekend. Sorry my friends keep calling you.

Hilary said...

Oh my gosh, I laughed SO HARD when I read this! Reminds me of my husband's cousin, whose cell phone number apparently used to belong to a bank in Philadelphia. She started noticing that when folks from a certain area code called her, they were looking for the bank, so she started playing along. I feel so bad for the poor souls who thought they were calling the bank and had Megan (who does amazing impressions and voices) pretend to be an automated system delivering the news that their accounts were empty!!