Wednesday, December 2, 2009

This 'n' That

Dude, I have been a terrible blogger lately. Been busy, ya know? I know you do because who isn't busy this time of year?

To keep it simple and get you up to date on my life, this is what I have been up to:

More sample knitting on top secret projects. Sorry! No pics allowed.

But to counteract my top secret knitting, I have been interspersing these little guys into my knitting time:

Berroco's Minutia '08 patterns. I am so hooked. Really, seriously addicted to these things. I have made six so far and have had to limit myself to only one a day, otherwise I probably would have made all 36 tiny sweaters already! (They published the first Minutia set in 2007, and recently released Minutia 2009--each collection has 12 sweaters.)

I was originally going to make these as part of my KK present to a family member (we pick names every Thanksgiving). But that plan got parked by the wayside when I decided to go in a different direction for my giftee. That did not, however, stop me from knitting tiny sweaters. Now I can't stop. Seriously. Can't. Stop. I'm sure the only thing that will stop me will be to eventually run out of scrap yarn. Other people make baby clothes or scrap yarn blankets. I, apparently, make tiny sweaters that are of no use to anyone. Go me.

What else...well, the most exciting thing I did today was try to "do" my hair. I haven't done anything with my hair in ages. I have straight and very fine hair. By "very fine" I mean that if I gathered it all up and put it into a ponytail, it would be about the thickness of my pointer finger. Doing anything with my hair is like wrestling limp cornsilk. Sure, I know that having silky, smooth hair is supposed to be a good thing, right? Put it this way: when I was a kid I was in a production of 'Annie' and all the orphans were supposed to rat their hair and look dirty. I distinctly remember the two directors standing backstage trying desperately to rat my hair, to no avail. I was a total orphan poseur and everyone knew it. Pretty much the only things that will work in my hair are those flat barettes that you have to bend in the middle to open. Everything else just slides out. I will trade my hair for yours any day.

But you know what makes me feel better? (Not that I really feel bad...come on, people; it's just hair!) My new slippers. Purchased on sale. I feel like a muppet. They're awesome.