Monday, January 19, 2009

Near Misses

OMG! It turns out that Anne Hanson was at Balboa Park last Friday, mere blocks from my house! If I had known she was going to be there, I would have camped out down there all day so I could accost her and gush. Actually, getting close enough to make sure it's who I think it is and then playing it cool and ignoring the person is more my style, but I'm ignoring that part.

After the little photo shoot yesterday, The Brain and I drove out to a shopping center I found online which was supposed to have a Japanese book shop. I have been wanting some Japanese stitch dictionaries for a while and really don't want to pay the high shipping costs from ordering them online so I was excited about the opportunity to browse through the collection first-hand. Well, it turns out that the book shop is actually inside an Asian grocery store! (Sorry, this is a first for me. I'm from Minneapolis and it's not like we have giant Asian food markets everywhere.) So while I picked through the bookstore to find the knitting section, The Brain wandered around the market.

I came up empty-handed. They had a fairly sizable knitting section, but it was half knitting, half crochet and mostly full of pattern books for children and accessories. The Brain, on the other hand, was ecstatic to find out that they had a deli counter that sold freshly-prepared sushi ingredients! (Again, we were a bit outside our element. And he's from Canada--again, no large Asian markets.) We've been wanting to make our own sushi for a while now but weren't quite sure how to get the proper ingredients. Problem solved! Plus, the prices were really nice. We didn't make our own sushi yesterday, but we did pick up some pre-made lunches and gorged ourselves at home. YUM! We'll be back, so look for some sushi-making posts soon! :)


Yarndude said...

Sushi is delicious. I've been meaning to go out to eat some for a while now.

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Jacey said...

Even though I just ate breakfast, I'm now starving for sushi!!