Thursday, January 8, 2009

The Day of Moving Backward

No progress yet on finishing up those two sweaters. I kind of needed a break from manic cabled cardi knitting yesterday so I whipped up a Gala hat for my sister's birthday. It's blocking now, so I'll post pictures tomorrow. Thank you to everyone who sent me kind wishes yesterday. It's always sad when an important figure in your life moves on.

Today seems to be The Day of Moving Backward. Or maybe The Day of Sisyphus? Not in any huge way, but it seems as though all day I have been trying to make progress and I come to find out there is more there to do than I thought.

It all started out innocently enough when I was reading through my subscribed blogs this morning. Every time the counter made it down to 1 unread blog, another person posted something. Then another. I was chasing that elusive '0' for about 15 minutes!

Then I went to the library to return that you-know-what book (unfinished) and to pick up 3 books that had arrived from my hold list. It turns out that there were 11 books from my list that all happened to arrive on the same day. I didn't even realize until I got home that I had checked out two copies of the same book! Thankfully, 4 of them are Barbara Walker treasuries so that knocks the must-read list down to 7.

And finally, I was just downloading my stashed yarns to an Excel spreadsheet so I could keep track of which yarns I started the year with in order to make sure I use them all up by the end of the year. While I was doing this, I discovered 33 skeins of yarn that I had never added to Ravelry. WTF?!? My stash isn't that big! I was just having a discussion with my brother yesterday about how we can't understand who these people are who just "discover" bags of yarn in their houses. Eek! But to be fair, I was very aware that they were in my stash--I just didn't realize that I hadn't added them to Ravelry yet. It did bump my total yardage up by about 3,000 though. :(

All right, time to suck it up and tackle that CPH. If I knit fast enough, I'll probably have enough yarn left for the button band and collar, right? I just hope I don't discover that I still need to knit a sleeve or the entire back or something. ;-)

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Yarndude said...

haHA, you found more yarn. I knew it would happen some day.