Saturday, January 3, 2009

Ooops...I DO Have New Yarn!

Thanks so much, everyone, for your kind comments about my Coraline! I have a feeling that sweater will be getting a lot of wear. :)

OK, so remember when I said that I wasn't going to buy any new yarn? Well, I may have forgotten to mention a couple of teeny tiny yarn acquisitions that I made while I was in Minnesota...

First off, I paid a visit to my favorite LYS, The Yarnery, and couldn't leave without getting something so I picked up one skein of Malabrigo worsted in Autumn Forest. I hate buying yarn without a project in mind, and since it took me so long to find anything to do with the last random skein of Malabrigo I had, I really shouldn't have picked it up. But I have a soft spot in my heart for Malabrigo (who doesn't?) because it was the first yarn I bought when I was learning how to knit and I fell in love right then. (I am NOT counting the 2 skeins of some nasty Plymouth variegated that I used to make my first pillow cover!) But never fear! My brother came to my rescue with a pattern that uses Malabrigo in the exact same colorway! Malabrigo Hand Thingies saved the day! I'm keeping the yarn handy for the inevitable point when I am a little tired of working on the two sweaters I have on the needles right now.

My other acquisition really is teeny-tiny. My brother brought me a little gift home from school: this petite ball of Trendsetter Yarns Angora. In white! I was just thinking about how I have never used white yarn, and I should really do something about that. This little puff of yarn has only 22 yards of pure angora, but it is so soft and fluffy and weighs practically nothing at all. Too cute! He told me that the LYS workers said that people mostly use it for Santa beards and other crafty things, but I don't like little knick knacks and cutesy things so this ball will most likely sit in my stash and be taken out to be petted every once in a while. I actually had a dream about it while I was staying at my parents' over the holidays: I dreamed that I woke up and my brothers had taken this little puff ball and USED IT ALL UP! My nasty brothers knitted up all of my angora and I was SO MAD at them for it!

No good, worthless, stupid, nasty boys. Worst. Brothers. Ever.


Yarndude said...

Dear sister, I believe you have given me credit where I don't deserve it. I have never seen that fingerless glove pattern before, so I can't imagine that I recommended it to you. I do like it though, so I think I'm going to have to knit up a pair for myself (I was just today thinking that I wanted to make another pair of Dashing with either Malabrigo or Rowan Felted Tweed).

Clumsy Knitter said...

Haha. Shows what I know. I probably read it on a blog while I was at home. :-P

Jacey said...

I think we may have chatted about those gloves. I made a pair of those, as well as a pair of waffle stitch gloves recently, and they were both fun and fast patterns. You can actually get away with two pair (or a pair and a hat) from a single skein. I LOVE the Autumn colorway.