Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Sad News About Yarn Forward

Well, this is a bummer, especially after my previous post about how satisfied I am with my digital subscription to Yarn Forward: they just announced that the company who operated the digital version has suddenly and unexpectedly gone out of business. :( A disappointment, to be sure. Because the subscriptions are paid by the issue, no one is out any money, but I had really been enjoying the convenience, the price, and the paperless-ness of the digital version.

If they find another solution to the situation, I'll pass along the information. In the meantime, I suppose I'll buy the hard copies so I won't miss an issue. Thankfully, their most current issue just came out last week, so it will be several weeks before the next one.

And in answer to a couple of comments on my review:

The link to the Eden Shawl does work, but the shawl is not labeled in the picture. It is the first image shown after you scroll down below the cover shot.

My digital subscription began with Issue 13, and ended with Issue 14, which is the current issue on newsstands. I purchased Issue 11 (with the Callie Bib Tee pattern) off of eBay from this seller. I received it from the UK in less than two weeks, and in perfect condition (and paid less than I would have if I purchased it here in the States!). They have more copies, if anyone else is interested.


Hilary said...

Major bummer!

Anonymous said...

Ah, darn. Well, they could chalk it up as Phase 1: Market Research and roll out a more user-friendly version with the real vendor later.

Kristen said...

grrrr, i had just ordered up my digital subscription 2 weeks ago!!! :(

Alyssa said...

Oh No! I just got my subscription a week ago and was looking forward to more!

Anonymous said...

Sad news, indeed! Hopefully they find a solution and continue with the online versions. We can all do a part in saving a tree, and this was fabulous!