Thursday, May 21, 2009

First Impressions

Whew! What a whirlwind couple of weeks! Shortly after my last post, I finished up one of the secret projects I have been working on and sent it off to its new home. It was a sample sweater done on behalf of a designer, for publication later this year. I don't know a better way to say it, but I was just tickled to have the opportunity! I'll let you know when it comes out.

My other, larger, secret project is still on the go and still taking up SO. MUCH. TIME. But it's good and fun (and a little nerve-wracking) and I'm learning a lot. Hopefully I can reveal more about this in the next month or so.

These two projects (and a few days of migraine-ish headaches) have sort of slowed down my personal knitting time. Ironically, I was able to distract myself from my headaches by working on very complex lace. I know, right! (Dear god, I am officially a Californian. I just wrote out "I know, right!" Shoot me now.) ... (Not that being a Californian is a bad thing. But I try to maintain a level of dignity and sophistication, and uttering things like "I know, right!" or "That's the way I roll" - which you may remember was the phrase I chose to use at a job interview last spring to impress upon the interviewers my ability to handle complex emergency situations - kind of thwarts any attempt to convince people of these aspects.) ... (Come to think of it, I do A LOT of things that make me look like a fool. In the past two days I have: tripped on a sidewalk because I was looking at a tree instead of the ground in front of me, and only saved myself from a very public face plant by grabbing onto a picket fence for dear life; rolled over my own toe with the office chair I was sitting on at the time, and managed to get said toe jammed up in the wheel well; discovered, as I was getting ready for bed last night, that I had been wearing my underwear inside out all day without realizing it. Oh, and I guess now you can add "publicly shared my embarrassments to anyone with internet access" to that list.)

But I was talking about lace, right? Behold, my latest project: Laminaria. I'm only two rows away from the bind off. I'm going to miss this knit once I'm done! I wasn't expecting it to be quite so complex, but I can honestly say that it is the most complicated thing I have ever knitted. That's not to say that it was hard, but it definitely required concentration. I tried not to watch movies while working on it, and listened to podcasts instead. And speaking of podcasts, why has no one ever recommended Craft Lit to me?!? I know, I have no one to blame but myself. Craft Lit is one of those names that I hear all the time but for some reason never bothered to check out. Well I'm glad I finally woke up! I love it! In case there is a reader out there who is not familiar with Craft Lit: it is a podcast created by a former English teacher named Heather Ordover. She talks about knitting and crafting and so on, but then also plays a few chapters each episode of a book from LibriVox. She gives wonderful background on the authors and the settings and it is all so lovely and professional and I am so excited that I have 131 episodes to listen to! I know, obsess much?

Well, this post was supposed to be a review of Yarn Forward but it looks like I got off-track (was I ever on the track?). Next time, I promise!


Anonymous said...

I am (totally, like) right there with you on the California thing since I'm also non-native (Midwest, baby, Midwest).

"I know, right" is something I used to think sounded really stupid. Where's the sense? Why would anyone say that? Maybe "Right. I know!" is a little better, but the inflection's all off in "I know, right." I said it to the guy next to me on a plane yesterday and I had the very same thought as you did. I used to laugh when someone assumed I was a California Girl, as if that were a diss, but at this point I must admit that a lot has (involuntarily) soaked in by living here, so maybe I should just allow that it could be a good thing to be.

On the clumsiness - I know you've got it right there in the name, but I'm one of the least coordinated people, like, ever. I've done all three on your list (well, it depends on how far up there you got your toe stuck in the wheel).

Impressive lace, as always. Can't wait to see your secret knits!

Yarndude said...

I was laughing hysterically through all of your asides. HIlarious! Also, I can't believe you're almost done with Laminaria (row-wise, I'm sure there's still PLENTY of knitting to do on those last few rows.) You're even knitting the large size, right? And it looks like you have a decent amount of yarn left too.

Jay said...

That looks like lovely lace knitting, I am in awe as I'm afraid of charts and aspire to lace knitting like that......
'clumsy' is very subjective and here we always factor in the speed at which the planet is travelling which makes accidents much more comprehensible.

leann said...

Wait, not everyone says, "I know, right?" Sheesh. You'd think after 5 years on the East Coast, I'd know this.

You know you're *really* in trouble when you start calling it "the 5" or "the 405", etc etc. I actually had a co-worker when I first moved to the East Coast who made it his mission to break me of this habit. But it comes back immediately upon re-entering California.

Or, when you start ending all your sentences on an up note, as if asking a question. I'm still trying to break that one...

Jacey said...

Whoa. You are inspiring with all of your lace and secret project-ness, and your willingness to admit faults for all the world to read. Laminaria looks amazing!