Thursday, July 17, 2008

No Picture Post. :(

I don't think the yarn lady reads my blog because I don't register any hits from Texas, but the same day I published my last post, I got an email telling me the yarn was set to go in the mail. It did, yesterday, and she even sent me the confirmation number. Hopefully I will get that yarn sometime this month.

I have been working on my B-Side like a maniac! Last night I split for the armholes and I was almost done with the neck increases on one side today when I ran into a slight problem--the decreases run into the cable. Boo! I'm knitting the 36" size, and I seem to remember an email sent out about some of the larger sizes having this problem, so it was fixed in the errata. I'm using the super-most-up-to-date-flaw-free version of the pattern so I'm thinking the mistake is all mine. I'm kinda bummed and don't really feel like figuring it out, so perhaps I'll start up my Gretel tonight and pick the B-Side back up tomorrow.

So here's a question: does anyone else have the same Ravelry queue overload problems that I seem to have? My queue is nearly on its 12th page, and there is no way I could ever knit all of those things in my entire lifetime. Mostly I just put things up there as I find them if I think they're cute, and if I ever need to find a hat or cardi or whatever pattern, I can look through them and find one I want to make immediately. It just seems that my queue is inordinately long and starting to get unwieldy. Has anyone else piled on more than they can ever hope to handle?

That's really all the news I have for now. Hopefully next time I will have solved the problem with the B-Side and will have some pictures to show too--I really like how it's turning out!


Yarndude said...

I suppose I am in the same boat as you with the ravelry queue, although mine is only four pages long. I tend to go in every few weeks and weed out what I no longer like. I'm sure I have over 50 lace shawls in there, and considering it took me almost a year to knit my first one and I can't imagine spending 50 years of my life knitting lace shawls, I don't think I will be knitting everything in my queue any time soon. I'm sure I would be right up there with you if there were more men's patterns to choose from.

Jacey said...

I think my queue is at 8 pages, and that's after whittling it down a bit over the last few days. I usually queue in batches, and then pare it down later, when I am thinking with a more realistic mind. I love the queue though; it's a great tool.

Good news on the missing yarn front!

leann said...

yeah...the queue just grows and grows. I've stopped adding stuff to it and actually had to *gasp* delete stuff.

To answer your comment on my blog - The color of the yarn I'm spinning is teal. It's sooo pretty!

Bethany said...

*drools over the yarn p0rn