Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Look What I Have...


I finally received my yarn!!! This stuff has been a long time in coming, let me tell you! Let's recap, shall we?

March 15: Placed order and paid for nearly $130 of yarn from a woman who was having a sale in her online shop based out of Texas.
March 19: Realized that because of some error on PayPal's web page, my address had never been changed from an old Pittsburgh, PA address I had lived at for 10 months during grad school. (They somehow managed to change my bank account correctly though. Imagine that.) Consequently, my yarn was sent to Pittsburgh and I had to wait several weeks for it to be sent back to TX.
April 17: Received notice that the package had made its way back to the seller in TX, and that it would be re-sent to me ASAP.
May 1: After waiting another two weeks and paying for shipping a second time, my yarn arrived. Only half of the order was in the box. Only 13 out of the 15 skeins I had ordered. Notified the seller, who tried to claim that she had packed the original order in its entirety, and the box must have been "compromised" during shipping.
May 14: Received an email from the seller telling me that she had re-ordered the colors I wanted from Berroco, and would send them out ASAP. Oh, and she found the 4 skeins of one color that she was so sure she had packed in the original box. I am told the wait will be 10 days.
May 27: Received an email from the seller claiming that Berroco was shipping things veeeeery sloooowly.
July 7: After checking in with the seller several times, received an email stating that she had the yarn, but had other things to take care of first before she could get it in the mail to me.
July 23: FINALLY received my yarn order!!!

Let's look at this another way. Since March 15, I have done the following: (includes only major, out-of-the-ordinary items)

- Completed a full-time, graduate-level internship and all coursework for graduate school.
- Researched, wrote, and submitted my Masters Thesis
- Graduated from graduate school.
- Worked a temp job for a month.
- Hunted for, found, and moved into a new apartment in a new city.
- Logged N number of hours looking for a job in the new city. (Where N = an integer equal to the number of hours it takes to become completely frustrated and depressed about the lack of appropriate jobs, plus 5 hours/week for extra effort.)

Or, in terms of knitting projects I have started and completed:

- 1 Hooded Baby Sweater
- 1 Wobbly Circles Tote
- 1 Desperate Hausfrau wig
- 1 Hanami Stole
- 1 Under the Hoodie sweater
- 1 Space Helmet
- 1 Hallowig
- 1 Something Red sweater
- 1 Cathedral Purse
- 1 Twig Lace Cap
- 1 Mini Clapotis
- 1 pair Nereid Fingerless Gloves
- 3 Lizard Ridge squares
- 1 Soleil tank top
- 95% of 1 Auburn Camp Shirt
- 60% of 1 B-Side Cardigan

And to think--I ordered this yarn as an early graduation present to myself so I could have something to knit in between working on chapters of my thesis! Oh, and I couldn't find any sign of the 25% off coupon the seller promised to include in the package, either. This woman is nothing if not consistent.

P.S. Whenever I leave a comment on someone else's blog and they send me a reply, I always think that's just the sweetest thing ever (not necessary, but really sweet)! I can't tell you how many replies to comments I have sent out, but apparently Blogger does not support these replies. I only know this because I sent a lengthy reply to one of my brother's replies, and he never received it. So...sorry if you never got anything from me. I did reply to you, honest! They just got shuffled off into the internet ether. :(


Jacey said...

When you put it in terms of knitting or life accomplishments, it's even more ridiculous.

I agree with you on Blogger replying. I always want to reply to people, especially if they ask a question, and unless I already know them personally (or on ravelry), it's difficult to respond. That's probably my number one complaint about blogger.

amanda said...

Wow, what a crazy story - glad you finally got your yarn, but boy that stinks for the wait!!

Maybe your email replies got sent to Pittsburgh instead.... :)