Wednesday, January 2, 2008

I Got Gauge!!!

I really didn't, but I also really wanted to say that. Go me.

So the results of my swatching experiment were a little less than stellar. If you recall from yesterday's post, I made two swatches for two different sweaters. I measured them last night and found that my gauge was too tight. Big surprise. I always have to move up at least one needle size. Smarter souls than I am might suggest that perhaps I should have swatched with a larger size to begin with, but I'm trying to play by the rules here.

After my first swatches turned out to be less than desirable, I made two new swatches, each using a larger needle than the pattern called for. I soaked these and flattened them out, then let them dry overnight. I measured them again and this time my stitch gauge is the tiniest bit too loose with the purple stuff. But then again, it's kind of hard to measure this yarn because of the metallic string wrapped through it. It makes kind of a puffy effect in the yarn:

Then, when the yarn is knit up, all those little poofs cuddle up next to each other and while it makes for a very soft and smooth fabric, it also means I get zero stitch definition. Kinda not good for the measuring of the swatches.

All right, fine. So the photo makes it look pretty simple. But believe me, if I was measuring this swatch underneath a microscope it would be a lot easier! And kind of obsessive, so I just did it the old-fashioned way.

As promised, I also have an update on two new book acquisitions. Vogue Knitting was having a sale on their books before Christmas so I ordered up a copy of their Stitchionaries: Volume 1 and Volume 3. I already had Volume 2 from a surprise clearance on knitting books I found at my local Barnes and Noble a couple months ago. Not that I even intend on using these things any time soon. I mean, let's face it, I can't even make a sweater that fits when I follow directions. I have no business messing around with fancy dancy new stitches in these patterns. And don't even mention designing my own stuff. I can't navigate my way down an empty hallway without bouncing off the walls at least once. Designing a sweater obviously takes way more brain power than I have to spare.

Oh, and last but not least, I dashed out to Joann Fabrics today and picked up a button for my BIL's GF's Xmas hat. Too cute!

Tune in tomorrow for (hopefully) a start on my Keyhole Top. I just hope the suspense won't be too much to handle. :-P

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