Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Back on the Horse

Never though I would use that expression, but...there you have it. I just did.

Thanks everyone for your kind comments on my last post, and for sharing your own stories. It's nice to know that I'm not the only one who feels faint from time to time, although this is the first time I have actually blacked out. Plus it seems that I have now inspired a new joke. Mr. Legendary Producer is known around town for droning on and on when given the opportunity to speak. Now the joke is, "He talks so much people start to pass out!" Better to be the punchline of a joke than the butt of it, I guess.

The evening wasn't a total bust. I did run into an exec from last semester's internship who handed me a card with a Target gift certificate inside and apologized for not catching me before I left on my final day. Woohoo! Free stuff! I ordered the Twinkle Book and Sensual Knits, as well as The Art of Fair Isle Knitting by Ann Feitelson. One of my goals this year is to try stranded colorwork and I always like to do things properly, so a book about the history and techniques of fair isle seemed appropriate. I haven't had a chance to look through it yet, but the reviews on Amazon were pretty good. I'm not a fan of any of the sweater patterns in the back, but I bought it for the information so that's OK.

Sadly, Sensual Knits seems to be pretty popular right now and is on back order or something. I only got the other two in the mail yesterday. That's OK. I really don't have any plans to start anything from it soon. Classes start tomorrow, and my new internship starts up on Monday. :(

I am really not looking forward to this semester. My internship is shaping up to be pretty challenging and my days are going to be very long. I will need to leave my house at 7:00 AM just to get to work by 9:00, and then I won't get home until 8:00 PM or so every night. Then there is a full load of grad-level courses on top of that. Oh yes, and did I mention that they only recently revamped the thesis requirement for my program and now we have less than three months to produce a Masters Thesis on an original research topic, complete with public presentations? My stress level has been steadily growing this past week and I don't think it's going to let up any time soon.

OK. Sorry. Needed to vent for a second there. I try to keep this blog about the knitting, but I have been really unhappy with my program lately (lately? Try since I started it!) so it comes out once in a while. I haven't been knitting much since I got sick. I did start working on my Tempting II, but only until my Knit Picks yarn comes in. Then I have to crank out a baby blanket and sweater for my sister. I don't know if I mentioned this or not, but she's having a boy. A friend of hers forgot and came to her baby shower with a bunch of pink clothes and my brother-in-law apparently got all upset and decreed that they can't use that stuff because it's pink. Now I have the strongest desire to knit their baby a bunch of frilly pink things. What does he think is going to happen? The baby will turn gay? (Yes, sadly, he probably does think that.) Maybe it's just because I grew up in a house with 12 kids, but I'm thinking: just wait, after a few weeks you'll be happy to have anything without crusted spit-up on it, no matter what color it is!

Oh sorry, I said I was going to stop venting, didn't I? I guess that should teach me not to blog while taking a break from writing my thesis proposal. Apologies to all. You probably don't want to hear about how I needed to run a gazillion errands this morning but for some reason my car battery was dead so I've been stranded at home all day. I would like to think that it can only get better from here, but with the semester starting up again tomorrow...not likely.

Well with that cheery end to my post, I leave you with the promise that my next post will definitely be more upbeat...whenever I can find the time to write one. Later!


missyecaj said...

Wow, so much going on for you! My sister is also finishing up grad school, but somehow she got into a program that doesn't require a thesis, although she does have a 400 hour internship to polish off. I hope you get through these next few months. I'd love to hear your thoughts on the Sensual Knits book when you receive it. I've been thinking of buying it myself. And congrats to your sister! /end really long comment

Crafty Carolyn said...

I didn't realize that I wasn't the only person who liked Sensual Knits. I'm so glad (although sad for you that it's back ordered). Before I ordered it I went on Ravelry and nothing had been knit from it, so I thought it wasn't popular. Probably it just hadn't been out very long and I didn't know it. What a relief that my taste in knitting isn't that strange!

Sorry to hear about you're being sick and fainting. I hope that you're able to take it easy for a while and get better!

Kristen said...

It's true, your blog makes my day!