Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Mad Scramble

I hate moving.

Actually, I love getting to a new place and starting over fresh. You get to explore new cities or new neighborhoods and find new favorite places to have brunch, go running, etc.

But I hate the packing. And the hauling. And the sweating. And not having time for the things you really want to do...like knit!

I was complaining to The Brain the other day that I always end up moving during the hottest week of the year. He pointed out that maybe I should stop moving in July/August. (He may have a point, but I still think the universe is against me!)

Well, the felted purse for my mother was completed and delivered. The awful cotton shawl that I hated has been abandoned after my seven year old sister showed no interest in it. I am making steady progress on my MS3 but can't show any pictures today because The Brain took my camera to work today.

I will be absent for a while as I move and get internet access set up in CA. But then I should have more time for knitting and blogging...at least until school starts up again and then I'll be lucky if I have time to eat!

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