Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Ups and Downs

Here in Land of the Lost: The Polka Years, life continues with its ups and downs. 

Up: Not taking any classes this fall = saving money and more time to knit!

Up: Wrapping up work in the psychology research lab = more time to knit!

Down: No school = once again looking for a full-time job, without much success yet.  (If you happen to know of any market research firms in the San Diego area who are hiring right now, let me know, will ya?)

Up: More free time = more shifts at the yarn shop during the week. 

Up: More free time = going to the gym more.

Down: Going to the gym more = plantar fasciitis developing in both feet.

Up: Taking the (free!) sewing class this semester through the adult continuing ed program at the local community college. 

Up: Flexible schedule = tagging along with The Brain as he travels to conferences during the year.  Reno, Miami...I forget where else.  But it will be fun.  Plus, there is always more time for KNITTING!!! 

Up: Actual proof of knitting!  Here is the very end of a sample project (green) and the beginnings of a requested sweater for my brother (purple). 

Up: I am also putting together a magic loop class to teach at the yarn shop, so I'm working on writing up a simple hat pattern to use as a sample.

Up: New yarn!  Gorgeous merino/silk laceweight from The Woolen Rabbit yarn club.  I love the deep, rich blend of black and blue in the "Ink" colorway.  This is the second shipment of this new club and I have been 100% pleased so far.  I have been in a few other yarn clubs before and was supremely disappointed by them, but I love The Woolen Rabbit and the Shakespeare in Lace clubs.  I have to save up my sample knitting money to join them, but they are well worth it!


Kristen said...

oh, i really need to learn magic loop--but i think traveling to a knitting class on the other side of the country is out of the question ;)

Cookie said...

I heard Mexican polka music on the radio this morning and totally thought of you.


Leah said...

I'd say other than the polka problem, your ups outnumber your downs -- especially the extra traveling and knitting you're going to get to do. Jealous!

Jacey said...

I wish Houston was on your conference list! I'm glad you have had some ups recently. Yay for more knitting time!

Yarndude said...

I'm with Leah. You gotta take the lumps, too, right? (Where did that term come from? Pudding?) (Remember when mom would make us lumpy malt-o-meal before school? The lumps were secretly my favorite part...)

Anonymous said...

love that purple. I'm naturally drawn to all purples but that one is gorgeous!

Anonymous said...

It seems to me that there's more ups than downs, and you are looking forward to a great year. You will find a job sooner or later, patience is the key (I know, I know, it's easier to tell that than do).

Hilary said...

Stupid job market. I'm so sorry to hear that, and so sorry to hear about both your feet, too! But those are some GREAT ups to distract you!