Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Ta Da!

I did it! A pair of slippers in just two days!

I know. It's not that exciting. I'm just trying to raise my own enthusiasm because I don't have much else to offer the blog today. So: you get garter stitch slippers. I get to pat myself on the back for blogging, and we can all live happily ever after.

Pattern: Nola's Slippers
Yarn: O-Wool Classic, color Sumac, 2 skeins
Needle: Size 10

I have also been working on a project for my older sister. She has been trying to find the perfect hooded scarf in stores and can't find one that's just right. Enter the knitter. Over the holidays, we sat down in front of Ravelry and found a pattern (Pfeiffer Falls Hooded Scarf), picked up some yarn (Cascade 220 Heathers) and I started working on it last week. It's going very quickly and to be honest, I was hoping to finish it up this weekend. But...other things took up my time. That's OK though because I'm almost done with the scarf portion and I don't expect the hood to take very long (famous last words).

I am itching to start some new projects for myself. I just have to figure out what. It's been a while since I've done a sweater. Hmmm...


Jacey said...

Both projects look great! The hooded scarf is really cute.

I'm working on a garter yoke cardigan for myself right now. It's a really straightforward pattern and it's moving really quickly, since it's seamless.

Cookie said...

Slippers shouldn't take more than two days. LOVE the scarf/hoodie/thingy! Why did I think you were the oldest? :?


Yarndude said...

I definitely think something for yourself is in order. A sweater sounds perfect!

Hilary said...

What cozy knits! Your Pfeiffer Falls is so pretty. Lucky sister!

Knitrageous said...

err, i just went on a reading marathon and read your blog from the start (in a desperate attempt to forget my uni deadlines) and i felt the need to comment when i got to the end :) your knitting is so good for someone knitting for so little time and this was a total joy to read, i've been knitting since i was 4 and am constantly ripping, *insert jealous face here* congrats on the shop :D