Friday, January 15, 2010

From Foot Failure to Foot Success!

OK, so I took all your kind comments about my charity socks to heart (thank you for them), and decided to finish knitting the pair and see how I felt when I was all finished. Easier said than done. I ran out of yarn halfway down the foot of the second sock. Total. Bummer. I set them aside to rip and re-knit into something more useful. I have several colors of Lamb's Pride lying around, so at the very worst I guess I could stripe them with some other jarring color of which I don't have enough for socks. Bright turquoise and pink, perhaps???

To make myself feel better about having wasted three and a half nights on a failed project, I decided to forge ahead and cast on for some long-awaited slippers for The Brain. Seriously, folks. I've been promising him slippers for about a year now. Oops!

I found a comfy-looking and well-reviewed pattern for men's slippers on Ravelry called Nola's Slipper Pattern (non-Rav link here). It looks like a basic, non-fussy garter stitch slipper with a turtleneck. I had originally been planning on making The Brain some felted clogs, but he decided that his feet would get too hot in something like that and requested something that could breathe. OK. Garter stitch = lots of holes for breathing feet. One thing troubled me about this pattern though: it is knit flat in one piece with a seam running down the center of the sole! Think about that: a seam running the length of your foot. Not too comfy, if you ask me. And yes, I admit that I only glanced through the pattern before casting on so it wasn't until I was nearly done with the darn thing that it occurred to me that the seam is actually grafted from live stitches, which renders the darn thing virtually undetectable in the finished item. Yay!

Oh, and the best part? I finished the first slipper in one evening and it fits!!! It comes off the needles looking a little tiny, but that garter stitch sure knows how to stretch itself out. Perfect slippers: thick, squishy, breathable, warm, fast, and bright red! :D


Yarndude said...

Bummer about the socks. The slipper, on the other hand, looks super comfy! I should make some for myself... what yarn did you use?

Cookie said...

I'm sorry about the pink ones, sweetie, but ya know not every sock is a winner.

Love the slippers!

Hilary said...

Ugh, that's so frustrating about the charity socks! I think stripes would be cool, though.

Those slippers look SO warm and squishy!

Dana KBS said...

What is it about kids' feet? I made socks for Miss E last week (unblogged, will do soon) and the proportions came out funny. I think it has something to do with the ratio of their feet's circumference to their ankles being different than adults? They do fit, but barely.

Cute slippers! I can vouch that the clogs are super warm and not maybe great for Cali climate. They're awesome up here in Rainsville, though.

Jacey said...

The slippers are cute! I hate when a project doesn't work out the way you planned, but I'm glad you will be able to reclaim the yarn. I think stripes will be a good idea.

Your pictures look a little fancier. Are you doing something different?