Friday, October 3, 2008

Good Week For Mail

I had been planning on doing a mini-review of my new pattern books the next time I posted, but instead a new topic came to me in the mail yesterday: a goodie package from The Yarniad! She was having a birthday drawing for a cute little felted purse, so I tossed my name in the hat and it was picked! Yay!

Btw, if you haven't checked out her blog, you really should. I think I discovered it through another person's "OMG you have to go see what The Yarniad made!" posts. She truly does create some very stunning things, and she sews too, so there are many, many beautiful items to gawk at.

Her package arrived in the mail yesterday. I was thrilled with the cute little purse, and believe me when I say that I wish I could sew in zippers that smoothly. But that wasn't all! She also packed up a bath bomb, a packet of tea, a box of chocolates with a cute pin attached, and two skeins of yarn!

The green yarn is Curious Creek Fibers Omo in Birches in Norway, which is actually a colorway I have lusted after online and it is truly glorious in person: shades of green with wisps of silver-gray running through them. The cone is Artfibers Golden Chai, a tussah silk yarn in a beautiful light plum color. They both look so luscious, and they're two of my favorite colors!

Thank you so much, Hilary!!!


Hilary said...

You're so so welcome!! I had a lot of fun putting that together and am so glad you like everything. Oh, I forgot to point out that the tea says "best iced" or something, but the gal at the shop said it is equally as good served hot. Anyway, I'm also very glad the package arrived safely. Happy Friday!

P.S. You are so sweet to say that about the zipper...that thing almost killed me! :) Boy are zippers difficult...

Yarndude said...

See, I told you your luck had turned around! Both those yarns looks awesome. Also, maybe this is just a guy thing, but what's a "bath bomb"? That doesn't sound pleasant.

Jacey said...

Score! That's quite a prize. I added the Yarniad to my list of blogs-it looks like she makes some great stuff!