Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Can We Say WOW?!?

So, after my little rant on Monday about not being able to get ahold of Kim Hargreaves' Nectar, I was browsing through the message boards on Ravelry and found a post announcing that her latest book, Thrown Together, was now available in the U.S. The post was from the woman who runs Hampton Knitting Yarn in Hampton Bays, NY. I thought, "If she has Thrown Together, maybe she also has Nectar and Rowan 44 in stock," and I called her up right away.

Not only was the woman on the phone immensely polite and helpful, she did indeed have the two books I was looking for. When she asked where I was calling from and I told her, 'California', she said she wasn't sure but "it might take until Thursday for the books to get to you".

Well, considering that I had already been waiting nearly SEVEN WEEKS for my order, three days wasn't such a big deal. I placed my order with Hampton Knitting Yarn and emailed the other online retailer to have her cancel my order. (When I spoke with her on the phone two weeks ago, she told me that if I could find the books in stock somewhere else, I could cancel the order with her since she hadn't charged me anything yet.)

OK, so I ordered the books on Monday, and by 10:30 this morning they were on my doorstep! All three were individually wrapped in tissue paper, and she even included a little packet of peppermint candies and a reusable shopping tote (perfect, because I try to use my own bags whenever possible)!

I am so happy to find a small shop that also has wonderful service for their online customers. I will certainly be shopping with Hampton Knitting Yarn again! Now if you will excuse me, I have some reading to do. ;-)


leann said...

YAY! I'm glad it all worked out for you!

Yarndude said...

Sweet D! Something finally worked out for you! I'm going to have to give this place a try as well.

Dana KBS said...

Yay for happy endings! Post reviews, mmmkay?

Hilary said...

Nice! Don't you love when that happens? Can't wait to see some of your projects from these books!

Susan said...

That did work out well for you! It is nice to buy from smaller, independent yarn places also.