Monday, October 26, 2009

The One In Which I Am Super-Duper Proud of Myself

So...I may have mentioned once or twice before that my apartment is a dirt and dust magnet. I mean that literally. My apartment sucks this stuff in the windows like it's feeding off the grime of the city. I can't figure it out because no one else around here seems to have this problem, but I am not kidding when I say that each time we sweep the apartment, we end up with a pile of dark gray dirt large enough to masquerade as an ant hill. I am not a filthy person, so needless to say, this grosses me out. Big time. Wearing socks or slippers is a must in my apartment unless you want the bottoms of your feet to turn black. I was working out in my living room a couple weeks ago (Wii Fit is more fun than an actual workout, what can I say?) and my running-shoe-clad feet actually slid across the floor! We store the Wii Balance Board in a zip-up pillowcase just to keep it clean, and that white pillowcase is looking rather gray these days.

Dust and dirt settles on everything in the apartment. I am constantly wiping down the mantle and the windowsills, the bookshelves and the desks. I have to dust-bust the couch and armchair every time I sweep. This leads me to the topic of this post: if that much dust and dirt covers everything in the apartment, what is it doing to my poor keyboard?!?

I have had to pop all the keys out of the keyboard and give each one a thorough scrubbing several times since we moved down here. The last time I did this, I had had enough. I pulled an old tea towel out of a drawer and tried to use that as a cover. Not only did it look terrible, but it didn't really work. The grime would get onto the keyboard anyway. I spent an hour and a half yesterday prying all my keys out again and giving them another thorough scrubbing. I was thisclose to telling The Brain that I absolutely wouldn't stand for thtis any more and insisting that we move to the Arctic Circle when I decided to Do Something About It.

So I hauled out my trusty(?) sewing machine and made a keyboard cover. I just took the keyboard measurements and winged it, and I think it turned out pretty well. I even lined it with contrasting fabric and used fusible interfacing for extra structure and reduced porousness. It may not be the world's finest sewing job, but it does the trick and it makes my work space look more streamlined and professional.

The best part about the whole project is that I was able to use fat quarters that were sent to me a few months back by my fabulous bloggy friend, Jacey. Thanks, Jacey! The fabric was put to good use and it matched my color scheme perfectly. :) You should check out Jacey's blog for some knitting awesomeness and extra-yummy Food Fridays. She's also having a blog contest in honor of her 2nd Blogiversary, so go visit!


Cookie said...

That is so freakin' cute! Great job!

pacalaga said...

Cute! Very smart, too. Way to go! (I get around this problem by not looking. I have two small boys and three large dogs and a yard full of dirt, so I just wear shoes in the house and pretend it's clean. I'm considering attaching a dustmop to the baby's onesie so he can be useful while he crawls around.)

Briley said...

You did a great job on the dust cover! I wondered if you were still sewing. I hope you don't take this the wrong way, but I thought of you this weekend when I managed to plunge the needle of my machine directly through my index finger. Your rotary cutter accident was the first thing that came to my mind (well, actually getting the needle out of my finger was the first thing, but you were next).

Yarndude said...

Wow, you really ARE crafty! Way to go!

Jacey said...

Aww, shucks. Thanks for the plug. :)
Your keyboard cover is awesome, and I'm so glad you could use some of the fabric!

I'm really proud of you, being so innovative. Sewing improv is so much more intimidating to me than modifying a knitting pattern.

KGLO said...

WOOOOOOW! I thought you told me you were a sewing newbie....and you just invented this?? haha. no fair!

Hilary said...

Ugh, how frustrating about the dust! My first apartment in San Francisco was like that and, ugh, I hated it. But at least it's got your creative juices going...that keyboard cover is fantastic!