Friday, July 3, 2009

A Better Week (?)

Hey all! Thanks for all the commiseration on my last post. Bad days suck, and bad weeks suck even more! Thankfully, this past week made up for it:

On Monday, I was able to drive up to LA to meet with members of my grad school class. They had postponed the dinner until I was able to make it! I had a lot of fun seeing them again, and we spent several long hours discussing all their H*ollywood careers and lives in the past year. I didn't make it back home to San Diego until 2:30 in the morning, but it was totally worth it.

On Monday and Tuesday The Brain and I were treated to front row seats at a drug raid across the street. Federal agents and armored trucks and explosives and circling helicopters, oh my! These pictures were taken at 6am on Monday after a bullhorn woke the neighborhood by telling these people to come out with their hands up...followed by a loud explosion as the SWAT team blew in the door and ran inside with their guns and dogs. The entire house was circled by a SWAT team, guns drawn. But no further drama ensued. They hauled a couple guys out...guys who were still wearing their rubber gloves. Who knew that in such a nice neighborhood, we had a meth lab right across the street?!?

Also on Tuesday: I got my second Year of Lace shipment in the mail and cast on right away! I'm already about halfway done. The yarn is Zen Yarn Garden Sea Lace: a 70/30% blend of superwash merino and seacell. The pattern is called the Wisteria Garden Shawl, and it was designed by Amy Swenson. I think the yarn is fabulous, although it's not a color I would have chosen for myself. The pattern is quite simple, but I like that I can just breeze right through it. I seem to have a lot of yarn to go though...I'll probably end up with a lot left over.

The remainder of the week seemed to glide past in a series of days in which nothing even remotely interesting happened. This was fine with me, of course, because I did not need any more drama! The Brain was excited to discover that he has today (Friday) off, as he is certainly in need of some stress-free days himself. We decided to make this weekend a great one, to make up for a crappy couple of weeks. We started it out right by sleeping in this morning, and I was all ready to enjoy the beginnings of a fabulous three days when I got this in the mail:

The universe certainly has a way of keeping balance, doesn't it?


Cookie said...

A major police drug raid?

Welcome to California!

I hope you have a great weekend!

pacalaga said...

Wow. Well, in my neck of the woods, jury duty is just a day in which I do nothing but read. In Tucson you can't take knitting needles in, so I pick the book I've been aching to read, and usually finish it while I'm sitting there. I haven't been chosen yet.

Michelle said...

I'm not sure what's worse, a meth lab across the street or a Jury Summons!

Jacey said...

I know this would never happen, but wouldn't it be hilarious if you ended up on the jury for your neighbors?

Here's to another better week.
I like the color of that lace!

Hilary said...

Ugh...jury duty, that's terrible! Maybe the universe will decide you need a break and you'll get dismissed with your first phone-in.

Anonymous said...

Isn't it funny how it's the nice neighborhoods that end up with the meth labs? Kind of funnier now that the raid is over, though.

Beautiful shawl. Can't tell if the yarn is slightly variegated? Pretty.

If the fates try to put you on the case with the meth dudes, you can claim a conflict of interest due to the emotional distress of proximity. Good trade-off.

fleegle said...

Geez, Law Enforcement Week! A meth lab in the neighborhood--creepy!

I have no idea if what she said was true--she only said "You can guess who." Of course I can't guess who. There are what, 9000 knitting blogs!

I told her she was welcome to send me anything she liked and if I thought it was fabulous, I would review it. Seemed like a good compromise.

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