Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Blogging Apathetically.

There. I said it. I'm apathetic today about nothing in specific and everything in particular. I'm still getting things done because I have to, but I'm not really feeling it, you know?

I quit my sewing class. Why? Well, it's not that I'm not interested in sewing, it's just that I really don't see the need to sit through a four-hour class once a week just to learn how to do it. I read the recommended book (at left) from start to finish over the weekend (but I skipped the sections on how to make certain types of collars, and so on) and I realized that I really do not need someone else to help me learn this stuff. I learned more from that book than I had from the eight hours of class I already sat through. So I just stopped going. I am still looking forward to learning how to sew, but I'm just going to wait until I can afford my own sewing machine and teach myself then. I have to admit that something about piecing together specific shapes of cloth and making something useful out of it really makes the diligent, organized, puzzle-loving part of me want to do a lot of sewing right now! *sigh*...someday. :) I do want to thank everyone for the encouraging comments you left about learning how to sew. I'll get back to it in the future! Promise!

I had a long paragraph typed out here about the job market and potential pay cuts at The Brain's university, but I don't want this post to be a downer. I will say this though: 10% is a lot of money to take out of someone's paycheck, especially when they're still expected to do the same amount of work. Just sayin'.

Instead of moaning about the economy, I'll show you knitting! The Hex Coat has been seamed up and the hexagons have begun (see bottom of coat). I hit a snag yesterday while seaming up the sleeves. I was trucking right along until I realized that I had attached the sleeve to the armholes inside out. :-P So I had to rip out the seam and start all over again. I'm brilliant, I am.

I'm impressed with how well the hexagons fit into their wavy little notch (no credit to me at all--Norah Gaughan did all the heavy lifting). The only thing I don't like is that the hexagons are knitted in the round from the border in, resulting in having to rotate the entire coat over and over and over...I think I'll have to leave this project for random TV knitting soon. It's not as though I'm in a huge hurry to have it done!

The second installment of the Year of Lace will be arriving shortly. (Hooray for gifts that keep on giving!!!) I'm really looking forward to seeing what this pattern will be like. Calgary knitters have been able to pick their kits up since Saturday and have started to post spoilers on the group page. I'm doing my best to avoid them!!!


Yarndude said...

I'm sure you'll be able to pick up sewing really quickly once you have a machine. You've always been very self taught and I'm sure doing research and reading books is more your style than sitting in a class.

pacalaga said...

Hmm. I think I will have to check out that book. In the meantime, you could hand-piece quilts. Jinny Beyer, quilting goddess, swears by handpiecing because it's portable (like knitting). :-)

Anonymous said...

I love a good apathetic day.

Fantastic Hex Coat.

Hey, teaching yourself is a fine idea - you already have a good sense for garment construction so it seems you'll be a natural. I taught myself to knit, and I figure that worked out all right. Um, for the most part (after I'd completed my first sweater: ohhhh, you mean you knit through the front loop and not the back loop? for every stitch?).

The economy's crap, but I hope you and The Brain can weather the storm with salary untouched. Hang in there. :)

Jacey said...

The hex coat is really coming along. I'm inspired by Norah's patterns, and her ability to construct something in a non-conventional manner.

As for sewing, just keep in mind that you don't have to break the bank for a sewing machine. The one I use only set me back about a hundred dollars, so maybe it's something you can get for your birthday or Christmas.

Hilary said...

Yeah, you'll do fine without the class. It's sometimes nice to be able to ask a real person questions when you run into a problem while sewing, but I bet the internets will work just fine for that.

Sorry to hear about the pay cuts. :( It happened to my program in 2005 when the NASA budget wasn't in great shape. It was definitely NOT a happy time, but it did all turn around eventually.