Saturday, September 27, 2008

Another FO Parade

Yes, I know: I've been a delinquent blogger. But honestly, I don't have a lot of interesting things to report. I'm still job-hunting, and I even considered opening my own yarn shop for a while, but as typically happens, realistic finances sidelined that idea. (Why don't banks accept fantasy finances? They look so much better!) I'm still waiting to hear about the results of a big interview I had over a month ago, and in the meantime I'm scouring San Diego for other possibilities. *sigh* The only good thing about being unemployed in a city where you know absolutely NO ONE is that you get a lot of knitting time.

Unfortunately, most of my knitting time lately has been taken up by unexciting gift knitting. But I do have a few FOs that I finally managed to get pictures of:

My B-Side, by Laura Chau. I love this sweater! Even through all the problems with running out of yarn (twice!), and being sent the wrong yarn by my old LYS, all is forgiven and I love the sweater. It's longer than I meant to make it because the yarn is kinda heavy and it pulls the sweater down a bit, but that's OK. It's all soft and snuggly and I have been wearing it all over town. (Ravelry details)

Next up: I finally finished sewing the buttons on Chrissy Gardiner's Auburn Camp Shirt! The shirt was a pain in the ass to knit with lace weight, but it turned out well. I really don't like the way the collar and the sleeve cuffs were designed, but I'm too lazy to rip those out and do them again. I don't know that this shirt will get a lot of wear. It fits well and is surprisingly warm, but it's also not really my style. It was just supposed to be a quick project made with cheap yarn to tide me over between yarn buying binges. (Ravelry details)

Finally, my Elm Row scarf, by Anne Hanson. I looooooove this one! The pattern is fast and easy, but looks complicated and decorative. I can't get enough of leaves in lace! The pattern calls for 25 repeats of the lace chart, but I kept going until I ran out of yarn and I'm glad I did. I got about 40 repeats in, and it's the perfect length for me (54.5"). I used Kaalund Yarns Enchante in Glass House. 100% silk, baby! This is the loveliest lace I have ever used. I would use this over and over again. It is so soft and shimmery and the colors are to DIE for. I also bought my first pair of Addi Lace needles and I'm glad I did. I don't normally like needles with "grab", but the silk yarn was so slippery that the needles helped out a lot. Definitely recommended. (Ravelry details)

By the time I have my next post, hopefully I will have gotten some more orders in. Yes, I'm STILL waiting on the same order that I placed more than a month ago. Is it any wonder why so many people just shop at WEBS?


tara said...

Hi, just wanted to say that I really like your sweaters, especially the B-Side! They look great! And good luck with your job hunting.

Jacey said...

I'm bummed to hear the camp shirt isn't something you'll wear often! It's really cute on you (at least from the picture), and it looks well-crafted.

And of course, your B-Side is awesome. It's a great color, and the fit looks really nice.

leann said...

very pretty! The b-side looks so cozy and the auburn camp shirt looks store-bought! I can't believe you knit a sweater out of lace weight! You are far, far braver than I!

Have you checked out Julian yet? It's near where I grew up in San Diego and is beautiful in the fall. And, oh, the apple pie. Yum.

Hilary said...

Wow, looks like you've been busy!! What beautiful FO's...I especially like the Auburn Camp Shirt and the little tabs on the sleeves. It looks amazing!

You mentioned that you've been waiting forever for a yarn delivery -- where was the store located? I've been waiting on an order, too, and finally called them over the weekend. Ends up they were in Arkansas and got hit by the effects of two hurricanes and were without power for awhile. I immediately felt bad for being so snippy...!

amanda said...

Holy smokes!! Your FOs here have me looking again at these patterns. These are just perfect on you. I especially love the B-side cardi, and the sleeve cuffs of the auburn shirt. great work!!