Tuesday, November 6, 2007

Yeah, I Know...I Lied

Yeah...remember in my last post how I promised a photo on Tuesday of my finished fingerless gloves? And then how I didn't post them? Well...when I said "on Tuesday", I really meant "whenever I flipping get around to it". I just forgot to mention that.

So here they are:
Pattern: 'Dashing' from knitty.com

Yarn: Trendsetter Yarns Tonalita

Mods: None

Final Thoughts: I'm a tight knitter to begin with, and I didn't check the gauge (and btw, am I the only person who has to look up the proper spelling for that word every time I use it?), but I figured that since it was a pattern for men's gloves, they would fit me just fine. Well...they do...once I get them on. The cables tend to pull in quite a bit so I have to struggle just to get them on and off, but they're very comfy while I'm wearing them.

In other project news, I'm waiting for some needles to come in the mail so I can get started on some quick and easy hats for my little sister and neice. In the meantime I started knitting up a sock (shocker, I know, since I'm not a huge fan of knitting socks). But I have a copy of Sensational Knitted Socks that I never use, plus a boatload of sock yarn from a clearance Knit Picks had ages ago. And I can't afford to get any new yarn until January when my student loans come in (I don't have to buy many books next semester, so it's only fair that I spend the money on yarn, right?), so I'm just going to knit up the yarn I already have until then. I don't like having a lot of yarn lying around anyway. I prefer to get yarn for a specific project and then use it up. But I'm weird like that.

Oh, and I blocked my new and improved (?) Tilted Duster sleeves on Sunday. I'm just waiting for them to dry so I can seam them up and stick them on. I seriously have no idea what happened to the last ones because these ones seem quite huge and I didn't have to stretch them out when I was blocking them at all. I thought I was going to rip the previous ones in half just to get them into the right dimensions. It is a mystery that will haunt me forever...no, that's not true. I'm sure I'll forget about them as soon as the sweater is done.

And finally, I took the leftover yarn from the previous sleeves, soaked it, and hung it up to dry. I'm going to use this yarn for one of the hat and scarf sets for my neice. And yes, those are cans of spaghettios hanging in the yarn.

How did I have time to get all this done with my busy schedule? Well...my boss gave me the day off! Things are weird at work right now, and if the strikes keep going, I may not have a job (full-time internship, really) to go back to pretty soon. If my blogging regularity starts to pick up, you'll know the reason why.

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Rachel said...

I'm about to frog a half-finished sweater and reclaim the yarn for something else, so I'm going to be trying out your spaghettios trick myself before too long.

The fingerless gloves look great! I bet they stretch out a bit with time.